How To Advertise With Us?

1. You need to claim your business listing with us first before you can advertise
2. Log in or Sign up here
3. Search Your Business: If you see it, you can can claim right away and it will take 48 hours for approval. If you don’t see it you can post a new listing here: (

4. After your listing is claimed, you can go to my listing area: ( From there you will be able to request a listing upgrade or stick your listing in any category you want.

5. Click on “Upgrade To Paid Listing” if you want to upgrade.
6. Click on “Stick A Listing in A Category” and from there you will be to see the confirmation price and you can do the sticking request from there. Click on (+ Icon) if you want to stick your business in sub-category.

7. After our team receives your request, we will bill to your email in 24 hours.